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Promotor van Kunstambachten - Prompoteur des Métiers d’art - Promoter of Crafts
Artists, designers and researchers mainly working in the medium of Glass and/or Ceramic are invited to respond to the open call for participation
in the International Glass & Ceramic Biennial 2023, which will be from October 21st to October 29th.
Venue : Cultural Community Center “Den Breughel”, Wespelaarsesteenweg 85, 3150 Haacht, Belgium.
Important :
We have prepared the following rules and conditions to avoid misunderstandings and repetitions of frequently asked questions regarding
whether the application is relevant also for the time duration of the exhibition, and the assembly and disassembly of your artwork ‒ if selected for
participation in the exhibition.

Important dates :
 Duration of open call: 13.12.2022–15.04.2023
 Application deadline: including April 16, 2023 (midnight)
 Publication of results: between 16.04.2023 > 26.04.2023
 Sending the artwork to the organizer: 18.9–8.10.2023
 Duration of the exhibition: 21.10.–29. 10.2023
 Dismantling and/or return of artworks: 29.10.–31.10.2023

Location: GC “Den Breughel” – Wespelaarsesteenweg 85, B 3150 Haacht.
Link to the venue.
Artists from all over the world are invited to apply for this international event.
The Biennale offers artists a unique opportunity to present their recent work as well as an exceptional opportunity to reach and network with a new audience.
The IGCB2023 is supported by an integrated press and media campaign with a focus on attracting both domestic and foreign interest and participation.
Kunststichting Perspektief vzw, together with the participating artists, is responsible for the high quality, presentation and promotion of these artistic crafts.

1. Participation
No registration fee.
The artist is subject to the terms and conditions set out in the agreement below between the exhibitor and the Kunststichting Perspektief vzw to the
exclusion of all others.
The organizer reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.
All applicants must have reached the age of 18 - there are no country or nationality restrictions.
Important: Participation in the International Biennale is only possible on an individual basis - participation by galleries or sales agents is excluded.
The number of works present in the Biennial per artist is to be determined after selection by the committee.
The works must be available for the entire exhibition period and may not be removed from the spaces.
There are no restrictions on the shape or weight of the work.
Works must be from the period: of February 1, 2022, and later.
2. Applications
deadline  16.04.2023 online registration
By this date, the participant has to enter all information in the application form, which is designed as a Google Form. If the participant considers it
necessary, s/he can send a Wetransfer file with additional photos and descriptions to artksp@gmail.com.
It is mandatory to send the completed application form by the deadline. Sending additional files via Wetransfer is optional. I
Required information to be completed in Dutch, French, German or English language.
Submission of files: max. April 15, 2023 – results in max. 01.05.2023
Sending photos (max. 5) via google document.
One work can be a series of several artworks, but not more than three in a series.
One artwork = one series = one application.
Each candidate will receive an acknowledgement of receipt after applying.
3. Selection
Selection by the organizer who is independently responsible for an impartial and transparent assessment of the works.
The results are reported to all artists via @-mail.
After assessment of the files, a reserve list will also be drawn up – selected artists who, after a decision, are unable (or refuse) to be present
at the Biennale will automatically be replaced by a candidate from the reserve list.
Selected artists must confirm their participation. It is mandatory to return the confirmation within 10 days after notification.
During the installation of the works, the organizer will exercise control over the proposed works.
The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the statute of the Biennale to ensure a fair and professional event.
All changes will be communicated to the selected artists.
When a work of art is sold, a commission of 20% will be deducted by the Kunststiching Perspektief vzw.
4. Calendar
Setup of the Biennale: details and times will be determined later
5. Participants :
Applicants are obliged to provide correct information according to provisions of the statute of the Biennale.
Selected artists can only exhibit the works selected by the jury.
The organizer has the right to request additional details about proposed works and reserves the right to refuse any object that does
not meet the requirements.
Participants are responsible for the costs of transporting their work (there and back).
6. Assignment :
The location for the artwork installation is the organiser's responsibility.
Exhibitors are prohibited from displaying or selling work that has not been accepted on their stand/or outside it, or from storing material
or personal belongings within the allocated space.
The use of video equipment is not allowed.
Display material (pedestals) can be provided by the organizer depending on the type of work.
When using your plinths, conformity must be respected (black or white plinths).
Prior withdrawal of the artwork from the exhibition is not possible.
7. Installation
a) Delivery of works at the location: Community Center Den Breughel, Wespelaarsesteenweg 85, B - 3150 Haacht – exact dates will be given later.
b) Shipment of works to the address of the organiser: 18.9–8.10.2023
Return of the works to artists (if required) by the organizer will be based upon a statement of shipping costs, including any customs clearance
costs, and are at the expense of the participant.
The packaging of the package must be durable enough to withstand transport.
If the size of the package allows, the organizer will also include the catalogue when returning
the artwork, otherwise, the catalogue will be sent separately.
You can also collect the catalogue at the info point at the Community Art Center during the exhibition.
8. Indemnification   
Works are insured for the duration of the exhibition by the organizer based on the stated sales value (including VAT) of the work.
Important: Article 2 of the general policy conditions stipulates that about the
theft guarantee, it is expressly stipulated that the insurance is only applicable to damage or loss caused by theft committed with burglary,
violence or threats.
9. Security
The exhibition hall (outside the exhibition’s opening hours) is secured by a camera and/or electronic alarm system.
10. Catalog
The organizer will prepare a four-colour print catalogue, format 21 cm/21 cm), including one selected work per participant together with artist data.
Each selected artist will receive a free copy of the catalogue.
11. Publicity
All exhibitors are invited to the official opening - to promote the event, participants are also invited to support this event through personal publicity/digital.
12. Copyright
To promote their art, the artists grant temporary exclusive copyright for promotional purposes to the Kunststichting Perspektief vzw, both nationally
and internationally.
Promotional use: distribution through press channels, and the Internet (digital).
The copyright is and will of course remain the personal and exclusive property of the exhibitor, who must ensure that this does not infringe any
other copyright.
13. Applicable law :
General law and (sale) conditions are applied according to Belgian law.
14. Submitting the file also means agreeing to the foregoing provisions.
Informatie - Registratie : Nederlands

Information - Enregistrement : Français  

Information - Registration : English hereafter
Kunststichting Perspektief vzw (Art Foundation)
International Glass and Ceramic Art Biennal (IGCB23)
October 21 > 29, 2023