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The International Biennials presented by the Art Foundation "Kunststichting Perspektief vzw" a Belgian ngo.  are huge leading exhibitions in the                  
national and international art scene. These events provide a unique focus on excellence in contemporary glass, paper, ceramic and textile art with                
respect to the work of leading national and international artists.                                                                                                                                                          
With venue at the Cultural Community Center of Haacht ( 850 m² surface - 3 levels) it is the place in Belgium to discover contemporary crafts/art ,                 
offering collectors, gallery owners and the general public the opportunity to meet artists from different countries in an great architectural environment.   
Thanks to a rigorous selection procedure the Art Foundation ensured that only the best work is on show thus confirming its commitment to promote       
excellence art.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
From the start art collectors found their way to this exceptional location , the high quality of the works on display and the general interest proved to be
a missing link in the Belgian art scene - an insight into the national and international art scene was made possible.
Exhibitors and audiences expressed their enthusiasm about the Biennials and were  thrilled to be able to participate and to visit the exhibitions
(Art Biennials : paper art, ceramic art, glass art and textile art).

De Kunststichting Perspektief vzw organiseert tweejaarlijkse internationale tentoonstellingen voor de disciplines glas- , keramiek-,papier-
en textielkunsten.
Kunstenaars uit de hele wereld worden uitgenodigd hun kandidatuur in te dienen voor deze internationale  evenementen. 
Deze Biënnales bieden kunstenaars een unieke gelegenheid hun recent werk op internationaal niveau te presenteren en een uitzonderlijke
kans een nieuw publiek te bereiken.

La Fondation d’Art  “Kunststichting Perspektief vzw/asbl” organise des biennales dans les domaines du verre, céramique, papier et textile.
Des artistes du monde entier sont invités à soumettre leur candidature pour ces événements internationaux - ces expositions offrent une occasion
unique de présenter leurs œuvres à un public interessé.

Kunststichting Perspektief vzw (Art Foundation) organizes international biennials in the field of glass, ceramics, paper and textile.
Artists from over the world are invited to apply for selection for these prestigious events.
These high level Biennials offer the artists a unique opportunity to exhibit  – it also provides them with an exceptional opportunity
to reach new audiences.

The Art Fondation KSP is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to further the development and appreciation of ceramic, textile,
glass and paper art

“Kunststichting Perspektief vzw.ngo” is curated by Maurice Van der Speeten & Danielle Van Belle